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Alice Call

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This pen was hand crafted with Red Abalone pieces in a black back ground. It was then cast in had ppoured resin and truned on my lathe. The pen rest is made with Jet black Ebony
This is made with faux opal had poured in black resin and turned on my lathe. The pen hardware is an Executive Pen in Chrome with a genuine Cross mechanism.

I crafted this after natural gold found in white quartz.
This is an Executive pen made from Elm Burl. The presentation box is also a piece of elm burl with the rough edge left.
This is one of my favorite pens. It is made with faux abalone pieces and is cast in black acrylic resin. I then turned it on the lathe
I made this pen for my son's highschool graduation. The bottom is tru stone malicate and the top is from a weather downed fig tree from Edisons Estate. I think I made the box from mohogany.

I love the color green! This is a maple burl with the voids filled in with crushed malacite with a brushed gold finish.
These 2 pens are made with hand poured resin by me. The resin also has powdered genuine simi precious stone.
This is a Baron pen made with burled maple, bocote slices and Tru Stone Lapis. The top of the cap is adorned with a real lapis cabochon
This was a killer pen to make. It is made with a very old Ebonite bowling ball. I ruined a 105" bandsaw blade trying to cut this. I love it but it is one of a kind. The material was much too hard to work with!

Hand poured resin with a Baron setting
Hand poured resin with a European closed pen design
This is another design of mine. Made with hand poured resin and finely ground semi precious stone it is made to resemble Rodonite

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