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Glenn McCullough

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Small skew made by Scott Greaves and myself for Emory Mclaughlin as a collaborative birthday gift.
Retro Jr rhodium rb. I made the body a bit shorter, turned as usual and used a Baron tube as a stud post for the closed end finial. Corian and black acrylic.

Jr retro rhodium rb. yellow dyed box elder burl.Modified post end same as previous pen and 30 degree angle segmented cap.
Open Barber shop pole pen with the blank from Ken Nelson. The globe was hand turned and hollowed with a Dremmel tool. It is a Baron plat fp.

The wood beneath the globe is holly while the base is African blackwood. The spiral material is natural and dyed holly.
The lighting fixture and battery are housed in the holly section beneath the globe. The light turns on and off by twisting the globe.
This is an El Toro Platinum FP. 16 segments of wood, 8 each of box elder burl and amboyna burl.
The wood is separated by pick guard material and the black ends are acrylic. It was made for William Cavanaugh (wdcav1952)in IAP fall 2008 PITH.

The "YONG" This is the second pen I have made for a gentleman in Singapore. It is a Little Havannah modified to hold a pump and sports a 24k gold nib from Anthony. The body is segments of acrylic, guitar pick material, box elder and amboyna burls.
The acrylic used is Berea AA-23 pearlized blue and "lights up" IMHO.
A modified Churchill sterling silver RB with afzilia xylay , alt. ivory and guitar pick guard material.

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