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Scott Meyer

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Red acrylic with black and white swirls. The cap with a nib shaped titanium clip, hides a 18k gold nib.

My Yin/Yang set. One word definition of Yin/Yang is opposites, and that is the intended idea with this set. One being a fountain pen, the other being a roller ball, one being black on white, the other being white on black. The matching contours and clips help connect the 2 pens as a set.

A brownish purple acrylic makes the basis for this pen. The clip is handmade with titanium. The cap ring and the section are polished stainless steel. An 18k Bexley nib is used in the pen.
13 stripes representing the 13 original colonies, and all 50 stars are represented on the pen. A Waterman 18k gold nib adorns the pen.

Violet and teal swim in a sea of black. The end caps are polished stainless steel, as is the section. A Bexley 18k gold nib is used.
This pen was given away as a door prize at the 2005 Ohio Pen Show. The pearled red acrylic combines nicely with the stainless steel end pieces, giving the pen a retro look. My usual handmade titanium clip graces the cap.

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