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Jeff Powell

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"Thornapple Creek" A pen inspired by my daughter as we catch our own bait to go fishing. There is no paint. The dragonflies, frogs and ripples in the water are scroll saw cut and liquid inlay.
"Thornapple Creek", sitting snug in a lined matching case.
The "Thornapple Creek" pen box is curly maple in a turquoise dye. The inlays are scroll cut and then laminated to another piece so as not to show all the way through the lid.

"Thornapple Creek"
"Thornapple Creek"
"Thornapple Creek" custom closed end. The closed end is poplar which is drilled to fit over the pen. It is scrolled into the reeds and then carved to shape.
"Thornapple Creek" Centerband. The center band is poplar and the lillypads are all carved with a chisel.

"Thornapple Creek" custom finial. It is turned like a typical custom finial on the bottom but the top is un-parted. It is scrolled to shape and then carved into the lillypad.
"Red Scorpion" Crafted in bloodwood and sumac. The scorpion is scrolled inside a segmented indian blanket.
"Cube-bits" This pen is randomly placed 1/8" squares from 15 species of wood. It is an 8 sided fountain pen with matching case.
"Littlest Mermaid" This is the backside of the littlest mermaid artist pencil. The fish and waves are scrolled, painted with nail polish and clear cast.

"Littlest Mermaid" This is the front side. The pencil is finished with straight CA.
"Ziggy" A modified 7mm slim in matching case. It is bloodwood, sumac and maple. Twist is in center. Recessed clip, custom finial and nib.
"Ziggy" This is Ziggy out of his box. He is feather light.
Gary, Spongebob's pet snail. He has a magnet under him that holds him over SB's head and holds him to the pineapple base as well.

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