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Jeff Powell

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Spongebob while in use but pen not needed right this second and thus is stored in his hands!
Spongebob in disassembly mode. Pen is twisted into body, the threaded sleeve is down inside.
Spongebob in storage mode. Pen is inside!
"Space Odessey" This is the space ship side of the pen. The space ship is corian, the moon is acrylic, the stars are corian and the body is Deep Blue PR acrylic. Everything is hand cut with a scroll saw.

"Space Odessey" side #2. A comet, a planet and more stars. Inside the head of the comet is actual argonite crystal.
"Space Odessey" Wanna take a ride!
"Dragon Brotherhood" Ebony dragon and Chinese symbols cast in Alumilite with a matching case.
"Autumn" Scrolled leaves of a variety of different woods closed end cast in Alumilite, with matching case.

"Autumn" Case is buckeye burl. Pen in closed position in case, showing custom laminated wood clip with leaves in clip and centerband.
"Dragon 360" Inlaid green dragon with a 360 degree flame pattern on the lower barrel.
"Koko Ziggy" Inlaid green and malachite Kokopelli in segmented maple, mahogany and sumac.
"Koko Ziggy" Back side of cap, showing custom laminated wood clip.

"California Dreamin'" 3 piece pentarsia mermaid with fish and reeds, cast in alumilite. Matching buckeye case.
"California Dreamin'" Back side of cap showing custom made Alumilite clip. Pen contains 1 mermaid and 7 fish.
"Apache" This pen is not a kit pen. It is constructed of Cherry Burl and 30/06 cartridges. The Indian head is scrolled and triple filled with inlace. The Pen section sports a carved feather design.
"Apache" The Apache pen sports a Heritage nib section. The cap is held in place by threads that are welded on to the bullet casing.

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