Penturners Rendezvous '06

This years logo contest winner by Rich Kleinhenz

The Fourth Annual Penturners Rendezvous

The Penturners Rendezvous was held in concert with the Utah Woodturners Symposium in Provo UT. The Fourth Annual Penturners Rendezvous took place in the Hampton Inn Conference Center on Wednesday, June 14th. The doors opened promptly at 7pm and more than 130 attendees joined the event.

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We used a pre-registration system this year to speed up the processing of attendees

As in past years, there was a throng of folks right at the 7pm start

There were the pen making suppliers displaying their wares

There was plenty of space for makers to show their creations and chat with fellow penmakers

This year, Penworks had an exhaustive selection of fountain pen parts and inks

We had the latest pen related DVDs playing for those interested

This year we had a separate room set aside for the demonstrations

And of course, we had the pen display set out for review and voting

Attendees were encouraged to bring examples of their work

Some examples of work on display

More work on the display tables

We had pen makers from all over the country and many from other countries

Dick Sing, Kip Christensen, and Rex Burningham attended again this year

Joe Herrmann, Editor of Woodturning Design, also was able to join us again as well

From 7 to 9 pm was set aside for demos, shopping, and mingling

The back table contains the door prizes donated by our sponsor companies

At 9pm, the drawings for the door prizes begins

There were enough prizes for virtually everyone to win something

Prizes ranged from blanks, to components and tools, to the grand prize of a new mini lathe

By 9:45, it's all over until next year as we clean up

Photos by Kurt Hertzog

This Years Sponsors

We thank our sponsors for this years event. Their contributions to the event including prizes, logistics, advertising, and moral support are vital to the success of the Rendezvous each year. Please tell them you appreciate their contributions to our event when you do business with them.

Arizona Silhouette
Bear Tooth Woods
Berea Hardwoods
Bethlehem Olive Wood
BG Artforms
Bob and Dave Baldwin
Kip Christensen
Anthony Turchetta
Craft Supplies USA
Russ Fairfield
Lamar Sherrill
Hut Products
Dario Octaviano
Kallenshaan Woods
Michelle and Dave McIntyre
Penn State Industries
Ron McIntyre
PHDesigns & Manufacturing (Paul Huffman)
River Ridge Products
Rockler Woodworking and Hardware
Peter Cribari
Woodturning Design Magazine
James Mann
Ed Davidson
JR Beall
Pen World International

Logo Contest

We have a unique logo designed for each years event. This years winner was Rich Kleinhenz. You can see the logo that Rich submitted at the top of the page. All of the early registrants had a personalized badge of that design. You can take a look at all of the entries for this year here.

Pen Display & Contest

One of the fixtures of the Penturners Rendezvous is the pen display. We solicit contributions from penturners worldwide. The pens are sent in ahead of the Rendezvous, photographed for the display, and hand carried to the event. This year we had three categories: 7mm kit; free style; and collaboration. The display was open to all and was be limited to three pens total. The 7mm category was any pen consisting of 7mm kit components only. The free style was any kit or no kit, or anywhere in between. The collaboration category, added this year, was for any style pen, kit or not, that is not entirely done by the submitter. This included laser engraving/detailing, additional carving or painting, scrimshawing, or other additional adornments. If it didn't come entirely from one persons own hand, it was entered in the collaborative category.

The 2006 Pen Display and Contest is over. Take a look at the pens that were on display at the Rendezvous and at the Symposium this year and the results of the voting.

Next years Rendezvous

Interested in attending the 2007 Rendezvous? We'll post the details here later this year.