2008 Penturners Rendezvous

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This Years Event

The 6th Annual Penturners Rendevous was held on Wednesday evening, June 18th in Provo UT. Actually in Orem, but who's checking. Again, we had well over 100 attendees. The event had plenty to do with ongoing demonstrations, provided by Kurt Hertzog, Don Ward, and Bill Jackman. The vendors had plenty of interesting things to show and sell. There were plenty of brochures and product literature to take as well as free copies of Pen World Magazine. The center tables, reserved for the pen display, also was the spot for everyone to show (and tell) about work they had brought along.

After a couple of hours of demos, displays, smoozing, and making new friends, the Rendezvous is capped off with the door prize drawings. Each year, we receive incredible support from the pen related suppliers and this year was no different. As usual, just about everyone in attendance wins a prize. The Rikon Mini Lathe grand prize, provided by Woodcraft, was won by Harold Lee. A look at the sponsors below will give you an idea of the depth and breadth of the prizes that were won. If you attended, I'm sure the photos really don't do the event justice. For those who couldn't make it, take a look at the photo selection below.


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The work Tuesday before the Super Wednesday at Craft Supplies USA

The preparations from setup to grooming to food logistics are put into place

The clearance area is setup and ready for the crowds that will amass early Wednesday

Kurt Hertzog doing his demo at the Craft Supplies USA Open House

Bill Jackman was also a demonstrator on Wednesday

Don Ward does his demo on Wednesday afternoon

Next to the pen demo area, Kallenshaan Woods (Ken Nelsen) had his laser setup

Not only pens got laser engraved that day

The efforts move to the campus to prep for the Rendezvous

As in the past, there is a 7PM start to the event but people get on queue early

At 7PM, the "doors" open and the Rendezvous is on

Joe Herrmann, Editor of Woodturning Design Magazine, reviews the pen displays in the center of the room

The pen displays being prepped for the event

Rather than group them by category, they were randomly assembled

There was a nice assortment of works from the US and Canada

The pen displays will also be shown at the AAW Symposium in Richmond VA

We did demos at the event again this year. Kurt Hertzog does a "demystifying the skew" demo

Bill Jackman and Don Ward also did demos at the Rendezvous. Here Bill is doing his.

Ken Nelsen, Kallenshaan Woods, at his booth at the Rendezvous

The Gisi's show their latest offerings to the attendees

Anthony Turchetta has his booth of shaving brushes, nibs, and inks

Roger Zimmermann took a booth this year for his inventions

Ken  & Colin Nelsen offered a free laser engraving to any of the pre-registered attendees

At 9PM, everyone tries to find a seat to be ready for the door prize drawing

The prizes are selected, the number drawn, and the prizes are handed out

Harold Lee won the Woodcraft Rikon mini-lathe and Darrell Eisner won the Craft Supplies USA Jet mini-lathe

Photos by Kurt Hertzog, Bill Jackman, and Don Ward


Pen Display

Continuing the tradition of putting together a pen display for the event, this year we had contrbutors from around the US and Canada. Don Ward was responsible for the pen display this year. He collected, photographed, and created the display in Provo. The display will be recreated for the AAW Symposium in Richmond. You can also review the individual contributions to the pen display here. I am still in the process of correctly identifying the individual. If you see pens not identified, incorrectly indentified, or omitted, let me know at webmaster@penmakersguild.com.

Prize winners for the pen display were chosen from the display participants. Bonnie Klein did the honors of drawing the winners for the pen display prizes. The category winners of the $50 gift certificates were Roger Zimmermann, Glenn McCullough/Ken Nelsen, and Joe Melton. The winner of the Jet Mini Lathe w/ a Chuck Grand Prize, provided by Craft Supplies USA and drawn from all of the pen display participants, was Darrell Eisner. Thanks to all who contributed to the pen display.

Thank You

Thanks to the folks who made this year's event a big success. In addition to Kurt Hertzog, Don Ward, Bill Jackman, Elysa Jackman, and Bob Altig all played major roles in the prep and execution of the event. There were also many who helped behind the scenes as well as pitching in at the event. A special thanks to all who attended, both for the first time as well as those who make it an annual ritual. It all can happen because of the generosity of the vendors at the event along with those who can't attend. Below is the listing of this year's sponsors. Please thank them for their support when you do business with them.

This Years Sponsors

We thank our sponsors of this years event. Their contributions to the event including prizes, logistics, advertising, and moral support are vital to the success of the Rendezvous each year. Please tell them you appreciate their contributions to our event when you do business with them.

Arizona Silhouette
Bad Dogs Burl Source
JR Beall Tool Co.
Bear Tooth Woods
Berea Hardwoods
Craft Supplies USA
Russ Fairfield
The Golden Nib - Anthony Turchetta
Barry Gross
PHDesigns & Manufacturing (Paul Huffman)
Kallenshaan Woods
Learning Turning LLC (Rex & Kip)
Michelle and Dave McIntyre
More Woodturning Magazine
Pen World Magazine
Penn State Industries
River Ridge Products
Rockler Woodworking and Hardware
Stylus Magazine
Thompson Lathe Tools
Keith Tompkins
West Penn Hardwoods
Wooden Wonders
Woodturning Design Magazine