Provo Pen Display 2007 - Collaborative

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Collaborations (Collaborative pens are those completed by more than the maker. If you make a pen and have someone else paint it, itís collaborative. If you make a pen and then have a not-readily available process done to it (laser engraving, special jewelling, etc.), then it belongs in the collaborative category. Itís to put everyone on a level field when they have others work on it or have special equipment that others donít usually have.)

Collaborative 1 - Darrell Eisner & Scrimshaw artist
2nd Place

Collaborative 2 - Russ Fairfield & Angelo Iafrate
3rd Place

Collaborative 3 - Brian & Mark Gisi
1st Place Tie

Collaborative 4 - John Grounds (laser marked)



Collaborative 5 - Kurt Hertzog (Laser Marked)

Collaborative 6 - Rich Kleinhenz & Glenn McCullough
1st Place Tie

Ballpoint Display
Capped Pen Display
Photos by Kurt Hertzog